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About Us

Image by Dylan Gillis

Our Team

Fred Leeds Properties and Fred Leeds Asset Group are established property management companies that represents California, Arizona, and New York with quality, professionalism, and integrity.


We have more than 30 years of experience in acquiring and managing both residential and commercial real estate. Our knowledge and collaboration with our clients allows us to respond effectively and profitably to market conditions and work toward investment value maximization and performance.

We take pride in our successful track record of achieving exceptional investment returns for our clients and continue to build on our reputation by engendering new ideas and uncovering innovative investment opportunities. At properties managed by Fred Leeds Properties and Fred Leeds Asset Group, our residents enjoy a happy and safe home environment of the highest standard.

Our residents know they can rely on courtesy, professionalism, and responsiveness to resident issues. In recognizing that everyone exercises a choice as to where they live, we strive to provide our residents with exceptional value.

Open Book


“I’ve lived at a Fred Leeds Property Management property, at 7th and Union, for the past 4 years.  When I moved in, the owner had upgraded the unit so that it felt new. The manager has been responsive to my requests — when I had a leak and called the after hours number, they got back to me quickly and took care of the problem. I still love the polished concrete floors and loft ceilings. They also don’t raise the rent that much each year.

I’m in the process of buying a house now, but I’ve really enjoyed my experience at this property and would recommend it to others.” — Jeff C., Resident

“I lived in one of the properties that Fred Leeds Management managed in North Culver City on Holt Ave, 90034. It was a fantastic experience living in the property for the past two+ years. The apartment manager, Manuel was very prompt in response whenever there was a problem (there were only minor problems such as window screen not coming off or grinder in kitchen sink needed fix).  He is such a hard working father who’s always working and helping out the clients. Whenever I got locked out, he would let me borrow keys without any lock-out charge!

Also, Elena who works in the corporate leasing office, she is very professional, kind, and prompt in providing requested services whether it may be responding to phone calls, emails, or request for reference letter. Thank you! Your team makes a difference in making the city of Los Angeles a better place to live for renters.” —Yohan K., Resident

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